Why you should consider programming as a profession

CodeSchool: Why you should consider programming as a profession

There are many attractive jobs out there like medicine, law, and engineering. But the rise of technology has created a very specific job in the market that’s on-demand 24/7. This is of course programming, the art of writing codes to build a program.

So why should you consider programming? CodeSchool lists down some of the main reasons why this is the job for you.

It’s needed in all industries right now

Whether you work for the fashion industry or the medical industry, web developers are always needed to design and build websites for many companies. It doesn’t matter what type of company it is, you are always needed. 

Plus, not a lot of people are good at programming. It requires a strong sense of time management and specialized knowledge to do what you do the best, and that is writing codes.

It pays really well

The entry-level salary package for programmers starts at $75,000 a year. That’s amazing considering you’re just starting out. Programmers’ values are at the top because of the sudden changes in the community due to covid-19. 

More than ever, computers are being used more ubiquitously, and programmers are getting busier every day working on ways to make a lot of software look and feel good when using. 

There’s no need for a bachelor’s degree

This is by no means a knock on those who acquired their programming degrees, but to be able to code, all you need is the knowledge and the computer to do so. 

Education firms like CodeSchool offer certification for online programming lessons that cater to beginner programmers who seek to become better at coding. So the availability of lessons is always there, and you can be a programmer right now if you want to. 

It’s a mix of technical and creativity skills

You can use your expertise in creating something very unique and beautiful. There’s also an entrepreneurial aspect about it, considering you can fix a lot of problems in the real world by computing an application or software on the desktop. 

Regardless of how you use your programming skills, there is a lot of versatility in how you can use them in creating something that’s worthwhile for everybody. 

Learn how to code now!

CodeSchool offers an assortment of courses designed to teach you how to be a great programmer. As you can see, programming is a hot commodity right now due to the need for website building and software development. 

Programmers are deeply coveted by firms to push their businesses forward. Without you, the world can’t cope with this pandemic and a lot of businesses will close because of the lack of flexibility.

Interested in becoming a programmer? Enrol now and change the world to make it a better place both physically and digitally.

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