What should your website have?

CodeSchool: What should your website have?

If you’re a business owner or a blogger, you should have a website by now. The question is, what should be included in your website? There are a couple of reasons why you want your website to look good and work well:

  • It’s how you get potential customers or readers.
  • If your website doesn’t look good, they are going to leave it and some may think it’s a scam site. 
  • User-friendly websites generate more clicks and traffic than worse sites. 

Bottom line is, a great website should have all the great components to make the endeavour and effort into making it worth the hassle. 

Today, CodeSchool lists down a few things your website should have right now. 

Easy navigation and access

Starting at the most important part, websites should be easy to navigate for many reasons. First, not a lot of people know how to navigate through a website, so having a difficult interface will frustrate them and leave your website a bad impression.

Secondly, most people don’t have the time to go over your intricately designed website. The simpler it is to navigate, the better. 

Clean design and layout 

Another component of a good website is a clean look. There’s nothing worse than a website full of ads and crazy colours on the borders and sides. Who would want to stay for 5 minutes on your website when ads keep popping up.

A great website looks clean and organized which most well-off companies have. Start being like them rather than designing a clown outfit, then you’re good to go. 


Whatever reason you’re building a website, it should have content that reaches your target audience. SEO content and a great blog will always get visits and bookmarks for your site. It’s really not rocket science to think that. 

Content is the reason why people click on websites, and having dull content will repel a lot of your potential customers or readers away. Make sure to learn how to write SEO content or hire one who can do the job for you to attract more views. 


Frequently asked questions narrows all the commonly asked queries down to a single segment. Having these will make a lot of your customers or readers appreciate your website. 

This is so underrated, but a dedicated FAQ will go a long way. 

Learn how to build a website

CodeSchool is an educational website that teaches programming from the basics all the way down to the advanced levels. If you’re interested in building a website, this article should be a starting point.

Knowing how your website should look is more important than knowing how to build one. This is because you may build a terrible website despite being a master at coding one. So, start coding and ask the experts from CodeSchool how it’s done!

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