For beginners: Why learn coding?

By definition, coding runs the technological world as we know it. It is vital for most contemporary businesses. This is the reason why those who formally study coding are in high demand for employers in various industries, not just in the tech industry alone. If you’re a beginner who wants to learn about coding, then this article is for you.


If you have already scrolled through top programming websites like CodeSchool, you probably know what coding is in its most basic definition. Coding is the act of writing in a script that the computer can comprehend since computers do not understand human language. 

Computers only understand Binary, though it is able to understand various coding languages. By understanding a coding language, you will be able to communicate with your computer and build programs that are convenient or entertaining to everyone.

Why learn to code?

Believe it or not, coding can have a huge influence and impact on your personal and professional life. There are various reasons why you should learn how to code.

Increased earning potential

It is a known fact that in the tech industry, experienced coders and programmers are paid at extremely high hourly rates. On average, there is no coder that works for less than $100 per hour. You will be able to earn a significant amount of money, especially if you have some experience.

Venture on freelancing 

Usually, most people see coding as a career where you take on traditional contracts at large companies. However, a huge percentage of coders choose to work in freelance roles. Freelance work offers limitless possibilities imaginable.

Being a freelance coder means you will have the ability to work wherever, whenever, and however you want. There is a lot of available work out there for coders and you will be able to work solely on projects you actually enjoy. 

Coding does not mean you have to be tied down to a company. It certainly does not mean you cannot be creative and have as much freedom as you want.

Be an entrepreneur

If you are interested in being an entrepreneur, you will be glad to know that there is so much opportunity out there for you to develop the next most downloaded app or website. 

It is easy to collaborate with others since the tech world has a great culture of collaboration. You may even build a startup if you are truly passionate about your work.

Whether you’re someone who wants stability, someone who wants freedom, or someone who has an entrepreneurial side, you have a space in the field of coding. It is easy to learn the basics of it. You can simply browse through top programming sites like CodeSchool and equip yourself with all the basic knowledge and skills you need.

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