CodeSchool: What are programming essentials?

Be a more knowledgeable person when you learn everything about programming essentials, including fun facts. Find out now at CodeSchool. The programming essentials that you need to know are the following:

What is a programming language? A programming language is a specific type of language that can be used to create computer programs. A computer can run any type of program, but it doesn’t know what a program is. When you want your computer to do something, such as play music or print a greeting, you tell your computer to go ahead and do that by using a program. A programming language is just a different kind of language. It’s called a programming language because it lets you create programs. What is a computer? A computer is a device with a huge number of tiny pieces. The tiny pieces are called transistors. They can store data in two different ways. One way is to change the position of the electrons. Another way is to turn them on or off. When the electron is in an “on” position, it has no effect. But when the electron is in an “off” position, it can be “wired” to a switch. This switch is what we call a transistor. The more transistors you have in your computer, the faster the computer works. What is a computer chip? Most computers have one or more integrated circuits (ICs) inside them. An integrated circuit is a large collection of transistors that work together to help your computer do something.

A programming language is a language that lets you create programs. You create programs using a language because a computer doesn’t understand a language called English. A computer understands only binary code. The first step in creating programs is to create your own code called a programming language. You need to learn about the three essential components of a programming language: how to program, what data types are, and what functions are. Each component is important for learning to program. You should know all about them before learning how to program. Programming Fundamentals What is Programming? Programming is the process of writing computer programs. A computer can only run programs that you tell it to. When you tell it to do something, such as open a file, print a greeting, or make a sound, you are programming it. Your computer has a tiny processor that helps it run programs. The tiny processor works on one of two different ways to tell the computer to do something.  If you want your computer to print out your name, you could tell it to write the letter “m” and then “e.” If your name is Mike Smith, the letter “m” would be in the top left corner and the letter “e” would be in the bottom right corner. In this case, your computer doesn’t have to think about what’s being printed. The tiny processor is just like a printer that tells the computer to print a letter when the processor is in an “on” position.

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